February 4, 2018


~ the joy of missing out! It started out as a trendy term to use, but deep down FOMO (the fear of missing out) really stems from a lack of self-esteem, desire to fit in and not embracing one’s uniqueness. What surprises me is that adults seem to be falling victim to FOMO as just as much as teenagers. Even with teenagers, one can understand that they are still forming their identity; so we would expect adults to have a better sense of who they are. And we have to bear in mind that our kids are learning through observing our behaviour. We are their first roles models – so what are we teaching them? Examples of FOMO in daily […]
January 14, 2018

Back to School Parenting Tips

~ tips for healthy, happy children this new year and beyond! Since it’s ‘back-to-school’ week’ here are some parenting tips to ensure you are raising emotionally healthy, well-balanced children: 1.    Create a Routine Some structure and routine is necessary for everyone in the family to feel calmer, know what happens when, who does what and what’s expected of them. Examples include: time for waking up and getting ready, breakfast, time to leave for school, what the kids responsibilities are for packing their bags, emptying out lunchpacks, chores, dinner time, homework time, bedtime, etc. 2.    Learn to Say ‘NO’ sometimes It’s important for children to learn from a young age that they cannot always get what they want, when they want […]
January 7, 2018

New Year, New Boundaries

~ self-respect begins with healthy boundaries Healthy boundaries are necessary for healthy relationships. We cannot control the actions of others, but we can set limits that prevent their actions from impacting on us negatively. How do you know that your boundaries need to be reassessed? You say ‘yes’ when you really want to say ‘no’. You feel that others take advantage of your good nature. You feel drained by other people. You feel overwhelmed by others who seem to need you. You have less time for yourself because you spend more time doing things for others. You please others to keep the peace. You take on more than you would like to. Feeling guilty when you say ‘no’ to someone. […]
December 27, 2017


On my 11th wedding anniversary, I’ve decided to share 11 tips for a healthy marriage that has worked for me & many couples that I’ve seen for marital therapy…   1.    Me-Time vs We Time Happy couples often maintain a healthy balance between solitary and joint activities. Time apart is healthy and helps achieve a sense of independence so you do not lose yourself in the marriage – it also gives you more to talk about. It’s unhealthy for couples to do everything together. Having said that, both partners need to be satisfied with the amount of quality time spent together (watching TV does not count) and the activities engaged in during this time. 2.    Compliment more than you Criticise […]