October 29, 2017


The word ‘bullying’ often conjures up images of schoolchildren being bullied by teasing, isolation and physical fights. While bullying in schools is spoken about frequently, bullying by adults (often in the workplace) isn’t spoken about as frequently as it occurs. After a recent radio show on bullying in the workplace, I’ve been inundated with calls and messages to spread more awareness. My main aim in this post is to help victims cope with the trauma they have experienced and at the end of the article, I offer practical tips and advice on what to do if you are being bullied at work.   What is Bullying? The obvious type of bullying that we are aware of is physical intimidation and […]
October 9, 2017

When a Loved One has a Mental Illness

A strong support system is one of the most important protective factors for those with mental illnesses such as depression. Knowing that someone genuinely cares can make the dark, gloomy place at least a little brighter. However, most people don’t know what to say to someone with a mental illness. For starters, here’s what NOT to say: “Cheer up” “Think positive.” “You have so much to be grateful for.” “What do you have to be depressed for?” Even though you may have the best intentions, such statements may increase feelings of guilt and send the message that you don’t understand. Often someone with a mental illness wants to know that they are not alone. Saying that you are there is […]